Dave’s Favorites


I had a guy contact me. He has been in the motorcycle business for 30 years and he says, “Darla, I’m facing my worst year ever.” And I get it. Motorcycle parts can be bought online cheaper. I get it. He says, “But I’m not ready to give it up.” And I said to him, I said, “If you will trust me, I will save your business. But you have to trust me. And it’s going to be completely out of your comfort zone.” He says, “I’m willing to trust you.”
So that was in July, two years ago in July. That December, Kody, was his best year ever that month. I want you to let that sink in. His best year ever that month. Twelve months later, I re-interviewed him to see where he is at. He tracked numbers from his accountant and his bookkeeper and all that kind of stuff, stats and everything, and he had tripled his best year ever. And not just that, he met the love of his life by sending her a card and now got engaged. He was able to get his teeth fixed. He was having dental issues and couldn’t afford to get his teeth fixed. He literally has cried on the phone with me many times because of the emotion of what has happened in his life by learning how to appreciate people, having a way to do it, making the impossible possible.


One of our employees did a consultation a few weeks ago and they, for whatever reason, in the consultation talked about Yoda. So the card, they went and grabbed a picture of Yoda, threw it in the card. It took us two minutes, wrote the card. The person came back in later, like maybe a month later and said, “You know, you guys said you care about us, that you love us, that you’re different and I left that day thinking I wasn’t going to do it. It was too expensive. I got your card,” and they actually brought the card in. “I got this card and I know you guys are different. So I’m ready to sign up.” Well, right there, that pays for our entire year of subscription.


I had a mom that was coming to our school and an unfortunate situation happened that the dad passed away before they moved and two little girls that were going to be in our school in two different grades. But they weren’t getting to come when school started right away. They had to wait a few months before they were moved over with mom. So I went into their classrooms and I took pictures of their classmates because I knew which classes they were going to be in.
I took pictures of their classmates and I mailed each girl a card with the brownies, knowing every kid loves brownies and inside the card I just put “We are excited to meet you!” and I put every classmate, little kid’s name on the card, their first name only, on the card. So they would know, oh, here are my classmates.
So the mother told me that the girls love the cards. They carried them around. They were excited because it helped to break the tension of who’s going to be in my class. I don’t know anyone in my class and so it helped them to say, “Oh wait, I remember that face on my card,” and she said they would literally talk about their card every day because they were so excited to be coming and they got to see their classmates before they ever got there.
So I love that because it kind of helped break the ice for the kids and mom wasn’t so nervous about her children coming into a class and not knowing anyone.

CHURCH: Ellen Marrs

The main thing, whether it’s a church or any other organization, the main thing is to focus on people. Just that extra few minutes that you give to someone, to hear their story, whatever it may be, I always tell people listen for three key things that they talk about you and put them in a card to them and let them know that you were paying attention because right now, our society has become really shortened in our attention span and when you appreciate people with just a few points that they’ve talked to you about, it makes a huge difference and they’re connected to you for life.

WORK OF LEADERS: First United Bank & Trust
“That first Work of Leaders program was extremely successful. It caught the attention of the executive team who saw such positive results that many became quite bullish on bringing other tools in the Everything DiSC family to all 330 of the company’s employees. In fact, the most exciting development is that we are now reaching across the company using the Everything DiSC Workplace® tool.”