Real Estate Success Stories

REAL ESTATE: Geri Whaley

“I had to do something”
Jill, a new friend (I met at a networking lunch group), 32, two kids and a husband away coaching football in Texas. She was starting a new career as a realtor. My husband, Mark, has had a long career as a realtor, and I have been very successful in Sales. I asked Jill if she had made any sales yet. “Just one”, she replied. When I offered to help her, she said “Sure, thank you”, and so our story begins. Continued…

REAL ESTATE: Beyond Wynn

So I was like, “How can I be the kind of human being that when I call somebody’s phone, they pick up?” Right? So when you’re intentional about building relationships and people get cards from you, unexpected, just say four cards a year, unexpected, nothing attached, when you pick up the phone to call them, they’re going to answer your call. But if they haven’t heard from you in a year and you pick up the phone to call, to ask for something or they feel like you’re going to ask for something, they’re not going to answer your call.

REAL ESTATE: Gayle Zientek

So this is a heartfelt card. Someone sees a picture on Facebook and I love it because these are the people I tried to use this. And Rick is a realtor out in California. And so this isn’t about him. This is every bit about us. But who am I going to think of, Kody, if I know someone moving to California? Of course, it would be Rick because of how he made me feel with this heartfelt card.


“This is awesome. I’m never going to be out of business. I can recruit 10 agents tomorrow if I needed to because I’ve got this unbelievable tool. I get 10 listings tomorrow because I can because I have this unbelievable tool.”

REAL ESTATE: Jim McCord, Jay McHugh, Gayle Zientek

“But when you think, you take a guy like me who was actually in a business slump and an emotional slump, who had never listed one home over a million dollars and has now listed over 40 homes and is listing them nationwide all because of this product, that speaks volumes, volumes.”
“Jordan, we’ve got a 7-year old who sent her first card off the SOC app, and folks, get back to the person who invited you because the SendOutCards app is just that easy.”
“I sent Mike and Cali, his daughter, a picture. They posted it on Facebook and I sent it back to him in a card and they were so thrilled. Mike posts pictures of the card and the gift that I sent to them all over social media. That just elevates you in the minds of the people that you don’t know”

REAL ESTATE: Ryan Kelley

He said, “It’s not about the cards, right? It’s about the connections that you can make with people.” So when you take your mind and you approach the use of this product as in developing that authentic relationship with your clients, with your family, with your friends, with those around you, people see that.