Paula Switzer Potter

Paula Switzer Potter has been a successful entrepreneur for over 25 years. She built and sold a thriving DiSC business, consistently earning the award of a top Diamond partner for Wiley (top 1% of their partners worldwide).

Paula has always been a pioneer, combining high touch and high tech. As a former IBMer, she won numerous sales awards and was the first female Marketing Rep in her office. In her DiSC business, she developed the first virtual certification program of its kind in North America, building loyal fans and customers for many years.

After selling her primary business, Paula has been working on the next chapter of her life, combining her love of technology and her love of people. Her current company, KIT, Inc., stands for “Keeping In Touch”. She works with clients to help them increase their referral business and build loyal customers through her keeping in touch strategies and tools.

Paula also spends time speaking, writing and coaching in the areas of leadership, team building and emotional intelligence.

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