Catalyst Conversation Starters

Does your team struggle to connect? Do group discussions stall? Are you left with more questions than answers after meetings? With Conversation Starters on Catalyst™, teams now have an easy way to tackle common challenges that hinder their performance—moving beyond understanding to tangible change.

Conversation Starters on Catalyst™

Conversation Starters provides teams with an easy (and fun!) way to build cohesion and improve performance. By combining DiSC® with simple discussion guides, teams can talk about personality-based differences and how they affect group performance—culminating in clear action steps for the future. With Conversation Starters, teams will:

  • Get to know each other faster 
  • Communicate more clearly 
  • Make better decisions together 

Getting Started

Conversation Starters is within the Your Groups feature on Catalyst. To use this feature, learners must:

  • Create and save a group among Catalyst learners within their organization 
  • Click into Conversation Starters and choose a topic 
  • Use group insights and discussion prompts to guide the conversation 

All it takes is 30 minutes and a Catalyst profile to start working (and performing!) better together.