Paula Potter has been using DISC for over 25 years on a regular basis with her clients, employees, and colleagues. Prior to her marriage to Dave Potter, her name was Paula Switzer and her company was named Switzer Resource Group. Following her marriage to Dave Potter she changed her name to Paula Potter. She later changed the name of her company to KIT, Inc., following the addition of Relationship Marketing products and services to the company’s portfolio. (KIT is derived from Keeping In Touch.) Her focus is, and always has been, to show others how to improve business and personal relationships. To emphasize the fact that Paula’s experience, knowledge and passion covers much more than just DISC, she has adopted the brand of The Relational Leader.

Paula has published articles about her work with DISC and was a featured author in the book Leadership Defined, where she discusses her model, The Seven Elements of Relational Leadership, weaving in her DISC insights. Not only will Paula share her years of knowledge and experience, but she will coach you in your own use of DISC for improved results with your colleagues and customers.

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