Catalyst Organizations and Departments

Catalyst enables administrators to select which organization a learner is assigned in Catalyst. This is done during the process to issue an access code.

When a learner creates their account in Catalyst, the first time they log on, they are given the opportunity to choose a department within their organization.

Administrators have a function in EPIC that enables them to maintain organization and department data.


Leaving learners to enter department names will probably lead over time to multiple names for the same department being entered in Catalyst, e.g. Information Technology, IT, I.T. , etc. One way to avoid this problem is to have EPIC administrators set up organizations and departments ahead of time. Then, when a learner is creating a Catalyst account, they can enter an asterisk (*) in the department field. This causes a drop-down list of all departments in their organization to be displayed.

They can then choose a department from the list displayed.