The Five Behaviors – Facilitation

Facilitating Personal Development – Micro-Learning Videos

To equip you with the information you need before facilitating your first session of The Five Behaviors Personal Development, Wiley has created a series of micro-learning videos.

Designed with you in mind, these videos provide a brief overview of the content and structure of the session to help boost facilitator confidence and competence. The videos include:

  • Personal Development: An Introduction to Facilitation (1:55)
  • Personal Development: Facilitating Trust (2:52)
  • Personal Development: Facilitating Conflict & Commitment (4:44)
  • Personal Development: Facilitating Accountability & Results (4:11)

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The Combined Five Behaviors® Facilitation Kit Is Live!

The combined Five Behaviors® Facilitation Kit brings together both Personal and Team Development in a single kit*, it will give practitioners the flexibility to deliver the right solution for any organizational need.

What’s in the new kit?

  1. Team Development for building cohesive intact teams:
  • 1- and 3-day facilitation guide with videos and activities
  • Customizable Power® Point Slides
  • Annotated Facilitator Reports
  1. Personal Development for building a culture of teamwork:
  • Half-day facilitation guide with videos and activities
  • Customizable PowerPoint® Slides
  1. Bonus!
  • The slide decks have been updated to new Five Behaviors branding and 16:9 scale!

What if I already own a Five Behaviors facilitation kit?

If you already own a Personal Development or Team Development kit, you get access to both Team Development and Personal Development via the product registration site as a FREE digital download. Just make sure you’ve registered your kit first!

*Please note that this kit is available in English only.