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Relationship Marketing is about forming long term relationships with customers, rather than trying to encourage a one-time sale

Many customers leave a company, not because they don’t like the product or service, but because they feel unappreciated. Appreciation is the key to loyal customers and more referrals. As a customer, when you feel appreciated you keep coming back and you tell others. The best way to acquire new customers is through referrals.

Relationship Marketing Success Stories

People do business with people they know, like and trust, if they remember you! The Send Out Cards campaign follow up system will keep you top of mind with your customers. To show appreciation, the system will never let you forget your customers’ birthdays or anniversaries again. Schedule your cards to arrive just in time for any special occasion. Cards can be scheduled to go out automatically throughout the year, saving you time and money. By appreciating your customers, you become their go to business solution.
Don’t worry about creating your own card campaigns. Our campaign store includes professionally designed Campaign Cards that are ready to send for any business niche.

Watch a short video of how the Send Out Cards system and app have helped people grow their businesses.

Appreciation you can touch.

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