Sales Success Stories

SALES AUTHOR: Andrea Waltz

“Have those just serendipitous things where maybe you’re at the grocery store and you ask the person behind the deli counter for a free slice of cheese or you check into a hotel and you ask for an upgrade or you are at a restaurant and you get seated in a horrible seat and you want to sit at the cool table in the front window with the rose, there is that cute table and you got stuck by the water station. I say, just practice asking because when you get in the habit of it and you will get turned down, you will get no, and you will get surprising yeses that you didn’t expect, that is how you build that courage muscle and that is how you get better at asking in life and in your business.”

SALES AUTO: Chris Kendall

“So, for the guys that have been in the business a long, long time, you can turn it around quick. You can turn it around quick and do something different and have some enjoyment and some fulfillment when you decide to get out and get out on top.”


But one of the things now is in order to have a healthy sales funnel, one must have a healthy relationship funnel. What I mean by that is, if you really pick apart, I think sales funnels today are weak. I’m being polite when I say weak. It goes back to relationship development is weak.
So if you have one or two or three deals in your sales funnel, hey, that’s an issue. But how many new relationships? How many new conversations are you opening up on a consistent basis? Because if we’re not doing that, then what?

SALES COACH: Mike Weinberg

I hate to use the word again because you used it but it’s genuine. There’s a personal touch. There is some research. There is some effort that went into it. It doesn’t feel like something that was canned or that some marketing joker created and would send out. When you get a card or a note that feels personal because it ties to something that – an event you just went to or something you publicly posted, there is a warmth. There is like, “This person cares enough to pay attention to what I’m doing and is celebrating with me about something.”

SALES GOLF: Charley Kiel

I’ve always called SendOutCards my secret weapon and the reason why I say that is I think it helps separate me from the competition of other brands and other people in my industry, in my territory and the other thing I look at is we all can survive by making a phone call, making an appointment, having the emails and the follow-up. But I’m not here to survive. I’m here to thrive and that’s where I add the gratitude, the appreciation and also the recognition.


“I think that just speaks to the intent and the emotion that we feel when we are connected with another person that’s authentic and that’s genuine. To me, when I hear human connection, what I mean is it’s not about a process, it’s not about a machine, it’s not about automation, it’s about one to one, you know human to human, personal connection that where there’s caring and understanding going on between two people.”


“Eight years ago, my father passed away of Alzheimer’s. And the showering of gifts, of cards and flowers at his funeral, I remember walking into the funeral home to see my father after he had passed away and to read the cards, how a profound effect with all these people that I had made touch points and relationships with that were mourning with me, just supported me and buoyed me up in a moment where I lost the most important man of my life.
And so, that reciprocation was unexpected. But all these people just talked about some of the things, the touch points that I had made and the cards or the phone calls that I had made, and I just didn’t expect that. I don’t send them out for anything to come back. And in that moment where I struggled, I found great strength knowing that people all across the country that day knew where I was at and were praying and suffering with me to some degree. It changed my life. It’s a choice that I make that I’m going to make a bigger difference than I have been and every day I seek out ways to do that.”


Well, if I may, I’m going to tell a quick story. I go networking as many people do in order to meet new prospects, my cool market. I was at this trade show and at the trade show, there was a demonstration of a product and I received the demonstration and it so happened the owner was there. So she and I struck up a conversation and she said, “Yeah, I could use your services. Call me tomorrow morning.”
Called her tomorrow morning just as she suggested and I got voicemail. Not uncommon, right? And a couple of days later because she hadn’t followed up, I was about to call again when I said, “I’ve got this system of appreciation.” Why don’t I send a card and brownies not just for her, but for the entire staff? And I did and approximately a week later, just the day that you would have thought the delivery would have happened, I got a call and she said, “You’re hired.” I hadn’t even told her what my price was.

SALES: Anthony Iannarino

Anthony Iannarino is an international speaker, bestselling author of 3 books, and a sales leader. He has been there, and he has done that. He’s Talked and trained a lot of top businesses throughout the world. He is internationally recognized as a thought leader in sales and leadership and much, much more. His award-winning website ‘The Sales Blog’ is being read by 65,000 people each month with 115,000 subscribing to the feed. For 9 years, he has published a daily blog post. His Sunday newsletter, ‘While You Were Sleeping’, reaches 80,000 people each week. His podcast, ‘In the Arena’ is in the top 40 on iTunes.
Anthony has been named on the 50 Most Influential People in Sales by Top Sales World. He was also called on the 25 Most Influential in Sales and Marketing by OpenView Partners.

SALES: Bernadette McClelland

Bernadette McClelland shares some golden nuggets on the sales process and commerce of today, and how it relates full circle to sales in the early days. You’d be surprised how the likeness in many ways hasn’t changed.
Bernadette’s impressive background includes:
Coaching sales enabling curriculum to MBA Harvard Graduates
Master Asia-Pacific Coach for Anthony Robbins (12 countries)
Author of 5 best-selling books

SALES: Bill Cates

In this video interview with Bill Cates below, you’ll learn:
– Three critical steps in the customer journey
– Difference between ‘satisfied customers’ and ‘engaged customers’
– How to deserve referrals versus asking for referrals
Hear from Bill Cates, who received the honor of being inducted into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame in 2010. He’s recognized as a top influencer with 31 years of experience in the art & science of acquiring new clients through referrals and personal introductions.

SALES: Dave Smith

I am excited to introduce you to Super Dave Smith. Super Dave trains, speaks and consults startups, and existing businesses in many different industries on how CRM’s can dramatically boost the sales cycle. Currently, Dave is General Manager on a new startup called Sendōgo. Sendōgo is a CRM Integration that builds the warm and fuzzy human connection that’s missing in the sales world today.
Ready to accelerate your sales cycle? Join Super Dave to learn about the power of CRM’s, Thank You notes, and the importance of building relationships to accelerate the sales cycle.

SALES: Jeb Blount

Now, you get into your car. You press “My Cards” and you build a card and then you send it before you leave. What’s cool is you probably have the person’s business card. You have their address right there on the spot. There’s something that you just did that you remember that you can reference and you could just build the card right there and you press “Send” and then you move to your next appointment.

SALES: Jeff Ezell

That was in my opinion the most enormous thing that contributed to us reconnecting after he left the place, because they can leave a place and never talk to you again. They don’t need to. But sending that just kept the buyer going and he loved it. He just loved it. He called me and he said it was amazing. These guys ended up coming out on the set. We went to Arkansas, Bentonville, and filmed this last movie, the one that he helped fund. The three guys, they flew out to Arkansas with us last summer and we gave them chairs, hats, the whole nine yards and I made more cards and brownies here too and sent them to the entire cast and sent them to all the guys who gave us the money and the next time we had dinner they were all like hugging me and kissing me. I’m like, “These are guys I never knew.”

SALES: Jennifer Gluckow

A positive attitude is hard to achieve due to 87% of what we see and hear being negative. It’s imperative to flush negativity out and replace with positivity, not only for our personal life but work-life as well. Learn how a positive mindset will help you take control of your sales leads, reap the benefits of referrals and testimonials, turn leads and prospects into an extension of your sales team. Jennifer Gluckow is a ‘rockstar’ on this very subject! Jennifer founded and authored ‘Sales In A New York Minute.’ Her passion is training and coaching sales teams and business owners on how to increase their sales and make more profit. Her impressive resume includes:
– A fortune 500 superstar sales representative
– National Sales Manager
– Executive Director of sales operations
– Became a COO at age 29

SALES: Josh Rossi

Well, one of my friends told me the other day, he is like “You’re just the guy that – the feel good guy.” I’m trying to think of what that means. He was like, “You’re the guy that always just does this charity work. You make people feel good. You’re the feel good guy.” So, I love that.
And then the other thing is, making people rich like myself. And I’m not talking like money. I mean sure money, if I were to become like a multimillionaire, I’m always trying to help with business, people with business. But I think just the idea of making others rich like yourself, making people happy like yourself, making people just have good relationships like yourself. And so, I’d like to be remembered like that. That I’m constantly making people rich in their lives.

SALES: Lee Salz

Let me introduce Lee Salz, who is a leading sales management strategist, CEO of Sales Architects, a best selling author and a recognized expert in Sales Differentiation
His latest bestseller ‘Sales Differentiation’ teaches a strategy that will set you apart from your competition, help you avoid a price war, and win the sale at the price you want!
Join Kody Bateman and Lee Salz as he shares how to “beat your competition” and “avoid a price war”.

SALES: Mark Hunter

When we know what our customer’s buying cycle is, it’s amazing how much more effective we are. So what I always say is, I’m going to take my prospects and I’m going to segmentize. I’m going to create various buckets of my perfect clients. And see, they’re going to probably have different buying cycles because of the outcomes that they’re looking for. Then I’m going to be able to position my product. You know what things always crack me up? I always crack up over in the spring when we get to graduation season. A lot of people are having graduation parties for their kids and so forth. It’s amazing how many windows get washed. It’s amazing how much landscaping gets done. And I’ve always said a landscaper or a window washer should just target where do the high school seniors live?

SALES: Shari Levitin

Shari Levitin is:
– A star sales performer in the hospitality industry
– Founder of the Shari Levitin Group
– Inspirational transformation consultant
– Best-selling Author of ‘Heart & Sell’
– Known for increasing over 1 billion in revenue in over 40 different countries
Learn Shari’s authentic heartfelt techniques and skills that bridge the gap between beating quotas & selling.

SALES: Sue Adams

Well, just as I started sending the cards, probably since April is really when I ramped it up and started doing it a lot more, I want to say my referral business has gone up at least 20-25% in just that small amount of time. So again, I’ve been in for five years and over five years, I would get those phone calls if they had their referral. But since April, it seems almost like every other phone call seems to be a referral from, “So and so down the street or from the neighbor and they used you and told me I had to call you because you are so great.”

SALES: Dr. Ivan Misner

Dr. Ivan Misner is the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of BNI, the world’s largest business networking organization. The organization now has over:
– 8,800 chapters throughout every continent of the world
– Last year alone, BNI generated 11.2 million referrals
– Resulting in $14.2 billion worth of business for its members
Hear what Dr. Ivan Misner has to say as he teaches us how to build the sales skills needed to turn a transactional sale into a relational sale by building relationships first.